(Supporting Traditional Crafts)

This event was originally mainly aimed at the craftsman or women, with the emphasis on woodworking in general and coppicing products in particular. Stickmaking has always been the backbone of the show and this will continue to have prominent representation. The target audience has now been expanded from woodworking club members to the public in general; this in turn means that our exhibitions and demonstrations will need to encompass other crafts and skills, so that the show will have something for everyone.

The show will be organised by a committee made up of representatives of local woodworking clubs and others with special skills. It will be run as a non-profit making event and initially any surplus will be set aside and ploughed back into future events, with a view to continuous improvement.  The show needs to be different every year with the popular traders and exhibitors being retained but others changed to ensure new interest for everyone. The aim is to make people want to come back every year.

Once a safe buffer of capital has been achieved to cover at least two bad years, any further surplus will be distributed by the committee at that time as it thinks fit. Priority beneficiaries would be the Hants & Dorset Stickmakers and the Ringwood Woodcarvers as they will be doing most of the work, however after looking after our two clubs any further surplus would be given to a nominated local charity decided by the committee at that time.

The event will be run safely and no chances are to be taken, we will appoint a Health & Safety Officer to ensure this happens but it is the responsibility of all the committee members to be watchful during the event. Traders and exhibitors must have their own public liability insurance and when invited they will be asked to sign a declaration to this effect.


We are aiming to run a safe event where accidents are prevented and all risks to the exhibitors, demonstrators, traders and members of the public are minimised. If in doubt please contact the organisers before the event to discuss.
If you are requested to erect a barrier or shield between your stand/equipment and the public then you must comply. Lathes must have a clear plastic shield fitted.
Woodcarving and other traditional crafts are inherently dangerous, in the demonstration of these pursuits there must be no public participation or handling of tools.
There are to be no trailing leads or other trip hazards and any moving machinery should be fitted with safety guards.

Waste products, such as wood shavings, should not be allowed to accumulate and present a fire risk.

Displays should be erected safely with adequate separation from the public, to prevent injury by falling objects
No Hazardous or toxic chemicals are to be used in demonstrations.
No alcohol will be on sale and none should be consumed during the event.
No Smoking is allowed on school premises.
Any children attending the event should be accompanied and under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times.
Toilets with washing facilities will be provided by the organisers and these will be clearly signed.
First Aid facilities will be provided by the organisers and these should be utilised in the event of an accident.
In the event of a fire, or other emergency, please follow the published evacuation procedure, using the exits which will be pointed out by the organisers.
Clearly identified Committee members will be on hand to assist with any problems during the event.
Safety issues should be addressed to our Health & Safety Officer.